Design Concept

By way of the hi-tech life nowadays and amalgamated with the 5th generation of mobile network of future, thence lead to the convenient function of life, so that enable the people to connect with the world without stepping outdoors, and at the same time become the livelihood core of the neighborhood.

Therefore attempt to transform the idea to the building mass, intuitively take the notion of number 3 and 5. Via the three horizontal plates at the front, then outstretch to five streamline structures, which work in concert with the interaction between hi-tech life and the 5th generation cloud system.

It is not only a breakthrough of the appearance, but also an expectation of the urban development of the future. Hope to launch the butterfly effect by means of the captivating architectural representation, further to construct a target area of the science park in the future!

The building
requires being self-evident

The design of the building appearance hoists from the ground surface and stretches out as if extending to the skyline, which attempt to metaphorize the abstract concept through the concrete form.

The inner compartments exploit the transparent glass to link the interior and exterior circumstance of the field, most importantly without destroying the original structure.

According to deal with the major point of selecting pristine material, therefore take the advantage of metal baking varnish craft and plastic boards to bring about the concise sense of science and technology of future.

Reflect the expectation of the future development.

Deliberately designed the front shape of the building with an elevation angle and stretch to the end of spiral form to reflect the enterprise's expectations for the future development; the stunning visual effect, highlighting the importance of creative concepts, no matter from any perspective, all have remarkable implications and glamorous landscapes; so as to construct a distinctive landmark of the science park, at the same time to activate the futurity of the city!